Pet Insurance

Here at Northcote we recommend pet insurance for all our patients. With the variety of companies, different policies and levels of cover available it can be a hard decision to make therefore it is important to always do your research first.

A third of pet owners will have to make a trip to the vets for an illness or injury each year. As a veterinary practice we always want to provide the highest standard of care and treatment, however, we do have to consider your finicial needs before choosing the best treatment plan.

When deciding on an insurance policy we strongly recommend choosing a 'lifetime' or 'premier' policy. This is because;

- the amount you will be covered for will renew each year

- if on going treatment is needed for an illness or injury this can be given continously for as long as necessary

These policies may seem more expensive than others however you have the peace of mind that your pet is covered right in to there old age. Other policies may only cover your pet for 12 months or cover up to a set amount of veterinary costs.

As a practice we are Petplan accredited, this enables us to provide animals under 12months of age, with a cover note of insurance once they have been examined by one of our veterinary surgeons. This is called an immediate veterinary cover note, providing 4 weeks free insurance cover. This will give you the necessary time to do your research before having to make a decision. We are also able to do 'pre-authorisation' claims, which enables Petplan to guarantee payment of veterinary treatment. This means payment can come directly to us, with you only have to pay your excess therefore taking the pressure off you financially at what could be a difficult time. 

Which ever policy you decide on, it is important that you read the small print and understand exactly what your pet is covered for. Feel free to ask us for information and advice on the policies availble, we are always happy to help.