At Northcote Vets we strongly recommend neutering your pet. There are many health benefits for both males and females.


Neutering can safe guard against anti social behaviour such as aggression and dominance issues such as mounting of other dogs or people. Castration will help to prevent the straying and wandering associated with searching for a female. Entire cats can stray as far as a few miles in seach of a male, this puts them at risk of being a victim of a road traffic accident. There are also sexually transmitted diseases commonly passed from entire male to female. These can become fatal for the cats and also the kittens from the mating. One main reason for castrating your dog is to prevent disease of the prostate and testicular cancer which are common in an entire male dog.  


Neutering will prevent unwanted pregnancies and can safe guard her from sexually transmitted diseases. It prevents unwanted behaviour during heat cycles such as bleeding, false pregnancies, aggression, constant calling and anxiety. It is quite common for an entire female to develope a life threatening uterine infection called a pyometra. This usually developes later on in life and requires the neutering procedure but when they are in poorer health. For this reason we would always recommend neutering your pet at 6 months old. Female rabbits often develope uterine cancers which dramatically shortens their life span.