Fleas and Worms


Fleas are ectoparasites living on the surface of your pets skin. Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day!! These eggs are shed in to the environment meaning they end up in carpets, soft furnishings, bedding and believe it or not your car. The eggs hatch in to larvae and these prefer dark surroundings so will often burrow away until they pupate. Pupae are sticky, silky cocoons which can stay in the environment for up to a year. Central heating, carbon dioxide and vibrations trigger them to hatch.

Does my pet have fleas?

Unless there is a heavy infestation it can be hard to spot fleas as they stay close to the skin. One of the first indications is the presence of brown specks. If you comb your dog or cat and place the debris on to wet white paper, the specks should produce a red mark, this is flea dirt. A common sign is your pet scraching or gnawing at itself as the fleas biting is uncomfortable.

How do i treat fleas?

There are many different products available for the treatment of fleas and we can advise you on which is best for your pet. We always recommend the use of flea products all year round. We do not advise you to purchase flea products from the supermarket or pet shops as most are not very effective and are not suitable to use on young animals. 

Do i need to treat my house?

It may come as a shock but only 5% of a flea population is actually on your pet, this is why it is so important to treat your home. We advise to use indorex which will protect your home for a full 12 months.